Sunday, October 12, 2014


Novalee is now almost 3 months old but I have not posted any pics. I know bad mommy! It has super crazy around here because 3 weeks after having Nova I found out I had gallstones, a lot of them, and they were causing me so much pain I had to have surgery 4 weeks postpartum. Surgery went well except that they also found a hernia when they went in so they fixed that too while they were in there. I am now doing great. Unfortunately about 6 weeks post surgery we also found out Brent had a hernia also so about a week ago he had surgery and is still recovering. Everything went well with his surgery also though and hopefully now we can resume "normal" life again.

Novalee has been a champ through the whole process though and I was even able to continue breastfeeding throughout my surgical recovery. It was hard to do because I still had pain and couldn't hold Nova across my tummy to nurse so I had to do the football hold for a couple weeks. I am still breast feeding and am super happy because this is the longest I have lasted with breastfeeding! Yay! Nova started sleeping 5 hr. stretches at night when she was 5 weeks old and has even done some 7 hr. stretches in there too. I am so shocked because non of the kids have ever slept longer that 3 hr, stretches until they were 1!!! She is a happy baby  and loves to talk. Now she is a pretty easy baby whereas the first 5 weeks she was very high maintenance and would only sleep in a wrap while being walked around the room. It was exhausting so we are glad she grew out of that stage. Anyways enough blabbling here are some pics. Oh! She weighed 11 lbs at her 2 mo. visit and Dr. said she is very healthy and looking great. She is also in the 81% for her height!!!

1 mo. old

Her favorite place.

Sorry it's blurry.

"I hate this coat!!!"


Tummy Time

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